Core Competencies

Take your profit from our 40 years` experience in difficult markets!

In our daily business we deal with Purchase Managers and Construction Site Co-ordinators of various industries. These partners typically ask for a short term delivery of a specific amount of a certain product. They usually provide a product description together with a required norm. Not seldom a specification is added by the technical department of our customer.

Kaiser Spezialartikel GmbH - Setzen Sie 40 Jahre Marktwissen für sich ein.

Often this information provided is not sufficient to execute an order process. As the name suggests "special parts" are items required for a particular application that requires for instance specific product material, heat or cold resistance or particular mechanical behaviors. During the last 40 years Kaiserspezial has accumulated a profound knowledge around product materials and their application range – our customers benefit every day from know-how.

"Kaiserspezial" is flexible, fast and on time.

An every day example to illustrate our point. A customer asks us for 50 hexagon bolts "according to DIN 17440". This means for us: some information is missing. Therefore we start off providing explaination of the variety of materials related to the DIN 17440 norm: 1.4301, 14401, 1.4404, 1.4541, 1.4571 and others.

That's not all, more questions need to be answered. What kind of temperatures will the product be exposed to: standard, high or low temperatures ? What is the temperature range, the related maximums and minimums? Do we need to provide any certificates? Do we need to consider any pressure equipment directives? Consuting our customers based on the collected information is our core compentence. Due to our 40 years of experience we know the application range of our products in and out.

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We exactly know the requirements for non – standard fasteners in your particular professional surroundings – and we do have adequate solutions for your possible problems!

Project management

People in charge of purchasing are always in a hurry. Therefore we are prepared to directly discuss specifications of incoming projects with you technicians. This means: Much more time for the purchasing department!

A wide range of supplies

No matter if special screws, stud bolts, nuts or related parts, according to German or international standards, to drawing or samples: Kaiserspezial has a wide range of supply possibilities for all these products, in various steel materials, non – iron metals or other materials.


Time is money – not only if repairs are concerned. Our team is experienced in solving problems and understanding your particular requirements without any bureaucratic procedures. However: We know that it can be fatal to disregard details. If you talk about fast response and reliability, you are talking about Kaiserspezial.


Changes in design whilst assembly is in progress? Parts missing on the job? Kaiserspezial will surprise you by presenting unconventional solutions!


Preparing all types of paperwork is normal for our team. We supply, together with our products, the necessary certificates and third-party-reception (TÜV, DNV, Lloyds or others) according to DIN or US-standards or other international requirements.